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Shanghai (China), 03/09/2021.- Huang Xinyi, owner and main instructor of Creative Shelter, paints with her feet on canvas in her home, before the session with clients in Shanghai, China, 03 September 2021 (issued 06 September 2021). To cope with daily stress, people have rediscovered a practice with roots in traditional Chinese culture: meditation. Extremely tough academic life, job competition, the endless hours, and the increasing costs of living in big Chinese cities forced the authorities to say it is illegal for companies to make employees work extended hours and terminate their contracts for not following excruciating work schedules commonly known '996'- 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week. In addition, in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused psychological trauma to almost 35 percent of the Chinese people, according to a study by the Shanghai Mental Health Centre. Huang Xinyi is an example of a successful but stressed-out young Chinese woman. After studying real estate management and later switching to fashion and luxury, she spent five years in Paris working for Galeries Lafayette before returning to her country, where she opened a successful studio to help European designers enter the Chinese market. 'I had money and a great career ahead, but I didn'Äôt have a life,' and with the idea of 'giving something positive to the world' in her head, she left her life behind and began a journey that led her to learn 'mindfulness' techniques in Spain and Germany, before she returned to her native Shanghai to open her own studio, called Creative Shelter. It is located in a shopping center in the heart of the city, decorated with small yellow lights that illuminate the central platform, and surrounded by a giant curtain that isolates customers from the rest of the world. (Moda, Abierto, Alemania, España) EFE/EPA/ALEX PLAVEVSKI ATTENTION: This Image is part of a PHOTO SET

Combaten  estrés pintando con los pies

 China. EFE/EPA. Huang Xinyi, propietaria e instructora principal de Creative Shelter, pinta con los pies sobre lienzo en su casa, antes de la sesión con clientes en Shanghai, China. Para hacer frente al estrés diario, la gente ha redescubierto una práctica con raíces en la cultura tradicional china: la meditación.

Xinyi  dejó atrás su vida y comenzó un viaje que la llevó a aprender técnicas de ‘mindfulness’ en España y Alemania, antes de regresar a su Shanghai natal para abrir su propio estudio, llamado Creative Shelter.

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Da a luz bebé que parece anciana

eldiariony.com. Una joven en Sudáfrica dio a luz a un bebé, que nació con una extraña condición que la hace ver como si fuera una anciana, lo que ha  provocado que tanto la madre como la hija sufran de discriminación.

De acuerdo a  News 18, la joven, de quien se dice tiene una discapacidad mental, habría dado a luz en su casa, ayudada por su madre,  quien dijo haberse asombrado al ver el anormal aspecto de su nieta, al tener toda la piel arrugada.

La abuela llevó a la bebé a un hospital de su localidad, en donde luego de realizarle varios estudios, los médicos le informaron que la pequeña nació con algo llamado progeria (también conocido como síndrome de Hutchinson-Gilford).

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